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I QUIT MY CAREER AND OPENED AN AXE THROWING VENUE! It all started 15yrs ago in a sleepy town in Newzealand called BarryTown whilst I travelled in a gap year. The only thing to do in "Bazvagas" was knifemaking and drink Moonshine (very strong homemade alcoholic drink) the end of the Knifemaking "course" our host said (in a Newzealand accent)"who wants a go in the Axe Throwing range?"I was much younger back then and hadn't been through all the Health and Safety courses and experience over the following years. We had a great time throwing and it was really addictive. Fast-forward 15yrs ---} 2018 Urban Axe Throwing gets big with venues opening all over America and Canada (my company) Axe Heads - Axe Throwing Cornwall, is born with the help of the Axe Heads team. I have worked my whole life in the Leisure Industry from Events Manager to H&S Manager to Facilities Manager but had taken my career as far as I could so felt I needed a change. When I told friends and family what I was doing they would tilt their head in a kind of "Are you crazy" way. Also, many friends criticized and said no one would want to do it. I had a few Thousand pounds in the bank and sank it all into my business. I am now a fully trained Instructor and venue owner. And guess what..people love Axe Throwing as much as I do! We have a Indoor Axe Throwing range in an old mining building. Below is our mobile rig at the Cornwall Tattoo Convention. If you want to get in touch email: or subscribe to our website for future offers on Axe Throwing Events.

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